Make 3D models in a snap

Animant fits seamlessly into any stage of your product design workflow, from conception to presentation.


Speaks with the tools you know.

Animant is built to work with USDZ files — an industry-backed file format that works with most 3D software and is viewable with recent iPhone, iPad, and Mac models. 3D Scans and Assets are all designed around USDZ.

So you can start with a 3D Scan in Animant, add complex materials in Blender, and bring it back to Animant to view it in your space.

Some Sensei prompts.

Sensei AI

Build fast.

Need some inspiration? With Sensei, you can generate animations and simple 3D models using text prompts.

It can build anything from standard 3D shapes, and it understands directions related to movement.


Turn images into textures.

Apply textures to your 3D shapes using images you already have, or download a new texture from the growing Animant Store.

Textures work with standard 2D images or UV-maps for even greater detail.

The Animant Store, showing a gallery of Textures available for download.

Make your extraordinary.

Available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Vision Pro.

App screenshot