A better way to reimagine a space

Visualize how furniture will fit in your room, or create a model of an interior plan using 3D Scan.

Room Capture

Your room. In 3D.

Go beyond regular photos by using your iPhone or iPad camera to generate a 3D model of your room's plan.

When combined with AR and Assets, you can freely move furniture around and literally step into a reimagined room. It's the best way to plan your space.

And with SharePlay, instantly share your new room model with others over FaceTime and iMessage.

An example request typed into Sensei, asking to 'make the table metallic when I tap it'.
A room with furniture that can be converted to 3D models and later recognized during Room Capture..

3D Scan

Room & Object Capture. A powerful duo.

Walk around your furniture to build a 3D model of it, then walk around your room to capture its floor plan.*

Animant detects furniture, like chairs and tables, and automatically adds them from your Asset Library into your new room.

Make your extraordinary.

Available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Vision Pro.

App screenshot

*Requires an iPhone or iPad with LiDAR scanner and iOS or iPadOS 17+.