Preview characters, interactions, and build levels with AR

3D game design is complicated. Let Animant simplify your planning and level building.

Room Capture

Turn a room into a map.

With Room Capture, you can base a level's map layout on a physical room just by using your iPhone or iPad with LiDAR scanner. Export your room as a USDZ asset to make advanced texture adjustments in tools like Blender or use your model directly in your game.

And when combined with Object Capture, you can even bring physical objects into your new world.

A 3D floor plan generated by Room Capture.
A Storyline animation sequence.


Preview interactions without code.

Create simple animations with Storyline to simulate how entities in your game respond to events such as clicks, taps, and proximity.

Create complex paths by walking along a route in AR, dramatically simplifying path construction. And when you import USDZ assets with skeletal walking animations, you can create realistic game interactions in minutes.

Make your extraordinary.

Available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Vision Pro.

App screenshot