Dream anything in 3D

Bring your world into AR with 3D Scan, Room Capture, and animations to create engaging experiences.

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A complete studio. And so much more.

Animant is packed with everything you need for your workflow, making 3D content feel more magical than ever.

Object Capture

Create a detailed 3D scan of any object with your camera. Import them into your scene, or export them for other apps.

Unmatched privacy

Animant doesn't collect any personally identifiable information through our app. Not even your name.

Lights, camera, physics

From external lighting to physics support, your scenes can feel like a natural extension of your world.

Create where inspiration strikes

Animant scenes, along with most Sensei requests, are rendered entirely on your device so you can create online and offline.

Say it loud and clear

Captions let you add words to the bottom or over your scene with Markdown formatting. Animant can even read aloud your captions as part of your Storyline.

Make it realistic

Create a texture from a photo and apply it to an object. Or, take panoramic photos of your world and set them as your scene's environment.

Make your extraordinary.

Available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Vision Pro.

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